Accrington Cricket Club

Accrington Start at Colne
Sunday November 2nd 2014

Accrington will open their 2015 Lancashire League season with a trip to Colne on Sunday April 19th.

In the Worsley Cup Accrington will travel to 2014 finalists Rawtenstall on Sunday May 10th.

Accrington's first home game is on Saturday April 25th when Haslingden are the visitors. Only two of the first seven matches are at home.

The season also ends with an away trip this time to East Lancs following home games against Enfield and Colne.

This season will see six Sundays kept free to allow Lancashire League clubs to compete in the LCB Cup which has set dates for the ties for the first time. The fixture blocks are the ones used from 1986 until 2011.

The 20/20 will be played in two groups of seven beginning on Friday May 29th. Also in Accrington's group are East Lancs, Enfield, Ramsbottom, Rawtenstall, Rishton and Todmorden.

Clubs will have the flexibility to play their games on different days including Saturday or Sunday. Accrington's group will be named Blond Witch Group.

The club's first game will be at Rawtenstall on June 5th followed by a home game against Enfield. A visit to East Lancs is next followed by a home game against Ramsbottom.

The penultimate game will be at Todmorden where the two sides meet in a Lancashire League game on Saturday July 2nd. The final 20/20 game is against Rishton on July 10th at Thorneyholme Road.



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