Most Wickets in an Innings against Warwickshire

6-27MH Yardy for SussexEdgbaston, Birmingham2005a16804
6-32PA Strang for NottinghamshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1998a11211
5-13JN Gillespie for GlamorganThe SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff2008a19120
5-15AD Mullally for LeicestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham1996a9872
5-18JK Lever for EssexEdgbaston, Birmingham1972a828
5-18AD Mullally for LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester1998a11309
5-18A Symonds for KentEdgbaston, Birmingham2001a13726
5-22PJ Newport for WorcestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham1987a5247
5-23AH Wilkins for GlamorganEdgbaston, Birmingham1978a2249
5-23SL Watkin for GlamorganEdgbaston, Birmingham1990a6650
5-23PS Jones for SomersetCounty Ground, Taunton1998a11219
5-23IJ Harvey for GloucestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham2003a15160
5-24K Saxelby for NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1989a6130
5-24Azhar Mahmood for SurreyEdgbaston, Birmingham2004a15884
5-25DL Underwood for KentMote Park, Maidstone1970a316
5-27J Louw for NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Northampton2004a16031
5-28GJF Ferris for LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester1988a5651
5-28PJ Martin for LancashireEdgbaston, Birmingham1999a11983
5-30RG Williams for NorthamptonshireWardown Park, Luton1983a3705
5-31MD Moxon for YorkshireHeadingley, Leeds1991a7055
5-32NV Radford for WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1987a5323
5-32IJ Harvey for GloucestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham2001a13413
5-36JE Emburey for MiddlesexLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1983a3784
5-36SP Crook for NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Northampton2013a22647
5-38MJ Procter for GloucestershirePhoenix County Ground, Bristol1978a2150
5-38FD Stephenson for SussexEdgbaston, Birmingham1995a9274
5-40HR Moseley for SomersetEdgbaston, Birmingham1975a1505
5-40DT Christian for NottinghamshireThe John Fretwell Sporting Complex, Nettleworth2015a24155
5-43JP Agnew for LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester1984a4011
5-43DW Headley for KentMote Park, Maidstone1999a12018
5-45Yasir Arafat for SurreyWoodbridge Road, Guildford2011a21426
5-46M Watkinson for LancashireOld Trafford, Manchester1990a6699
5-46JW Hastings for DurhamRoseworth Terrace, Gosforth2014a23438
5-47MA Parker for ScotlandEdgbaston, Birmingham2011a21349
5-49PS Jones for DerbyshireEdgbaston, Birmingham2006a17436
5-51DR Pringle for EssexEdgbaston, Birmingham1991a6990
5-57WJ Weighell for DurhamEdgbaston, Birmingham2017a25504
5-60AN Hayhurst for SomersetEdgbaston, Birmingham1991a7146
4-8JMM Averis for GloucestershireThe Royal and Sun Alliance County Ground, Bristol2000a12654
4-11GF Cross for LeicestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham1976a1708
4-12IJ Harvey for GloucestershireThe Royal and Sun Alliance County Ground, Bristol2002a14252
4-13RC Irani for EssexEdgbaston, Birmingham1999a11960
4-14FJ Titmus for MiddlesexEdgbaston, Birmingham1975a1481
4-14NV Radford for WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1988a5803
4-15SL Watkin for GlamorganSophia Gardens, Cardiff1997a10435
4-16GP Howarth for SurreyBritish Aerospace Company Ground, Byfleet1979a2497
4-17A Brown for KentMote Park, Maidstone1969a185
4-17JP Stephenson for EssexCounty Ground, Chelmsford1991a7108
4-17MJ Cawdron for GloucestershireCollege Ground, Cheltenham1999a12045
4-18GS Sobers for NottinghamshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1969a269
4-18KV Jones for MiddlesexEdgbaston, Birmingham1971a529
4-18KT Medlycott for SurreyEdgbaston, Birmingham1989a6157
4-18GJ Smith for NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham2001a13505
4-19KBS Jarvis for KentSt Lawrence Ground, Canterbury1983a3788
4-19MP Bicknell for SurreyEdgbaston, Birmingham1993a8086
4-19J Allenby for LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester2006a17410
4-20RW Hooker for MiddlesexLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1968a126
4-20P Booth for LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester1977a2049
4-20Azharullah for NorthamptonshireEdgbaston, Birmingham2013a22803
4-21PM Walker for GlamorganEdgbaston, Birmingham1970a364
4-21CEW Silverwood for YorkshireHeadingley, Leeds2001a13616
4-22RS Herman for HampshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1972a662
4-22PE Russell for DerbyshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1975a1540
4-22KR Pont for EssexEdgbaston, Birmingham1981a3020
4-22AJ Hollioake for SurreyEdgbaston, Birmingham1995a9210
4-22MV Fleming for KentSt Lawrence Ground, Canterbury2002a14424
4-23NI Thomson for SussexLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1964a38
4-23JD Woodford for YorkshireAcklam Park, Middlesbrough1971a481
4-23NI Thomson for SussexEdgbaston, Birmingham1971a500
4-23J Sullivan for LancashireOld Trafford, Manchester1972a839
4-23PG Newman for NorfolkEdgbaston, Birmingham1997a10585
4-23DA Leatherdale for WorcestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham1999a11879
4-24PA Wilkinson for NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1975a1516
4-24AW Greig for SussexCounty Ground, Hove1977a2060
4-24NV Radford for WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1985a4563
4-24AN Jones for SussexEdgbaston, Birmingham1993a8069
4-24AJ Bichel for WorcestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham2002a14265
4-24G Cessford for WorcestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham2013a22784
4-25JE Emburey for MiddlesexEdgbaston, Birmingham1982a3436
4-25R Dhanraj for West IndiansEdgbaston, Birmingham1995a9324
4-25TJ Phillips for EssexEdgbaston, Birmingham2006a17583
4-25DI Stevens for KentEdgbaston, Birmingham2012a22086
4-26DL Acfield for EssexCounty Ground, Chelmsford1974a1278
4-26EE Hemmings for NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1991a6996
4-27HP Cooper for YorkshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1973a957
4-27LB Taylor for LeicestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham1979a2536
4-27GM Hamilton for YorkshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1995a9292
4-27MC Ilott for EssexValentine's Park, Ilford1995a9310
4-27KP Evans for NottinghamshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1998a11171
4-28DL Underwood for KentSt Lawrence Ground, Canterbury1972a676
4-28CT Spencer for LeicestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham1972a779
4-28RMH Cottam for NorthamptonshireCourtaulds Ground, Coventry1973a876
4-29Sarfraz Nawaz for NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Northampton1970a383
4-29AP Pridgeon for WorcestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham1975a1524
4-29K Saxelby for NottinghamshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1983a3822
4-29DJ Capel for NorthamptonshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1986a4838
4-29CA Connor for HampshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1991a7164
4-29AC Cummins for DurhamFeethams Cricket Ground, Darlington1993a8186
4-29MN Bowen for NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1997a10623
4-29DJ Pattinson for NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham2008a18996
4-29Azhar Mahmood for KentEdgbaston, Birmingham2008a19074
4-29RJW Topley for EssexThe Essex County Ground, Chelmsford2015a24165
4-30KV Jones for MiddlesexLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1969a223
4-30G Richards for GlamorganSt Helen's, Swansea1977a1953
4-30MS Kasprowicz for LeicestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham1999a12060
4-30KJ Dean for DerbyshireCounty Ground, Derby2000a12848
4-31K Higgs for LeicestershireCourtaulds Ground, Coventry1972a672
4-31BM Brain for WorcestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham1973a995
4-31JD Inchmore for WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1980a2665
4-31MA Nash for GlamorganSt Helen's, Swansea1981a3007
4-31IA Greig for SussexEdgbaston, Birmingham1981a3051
4-31TJ Murtagh for SurreyWhitgift School, Croydon2001a13687
4-31JW Dernbach for SurreyEdgbaston, Birmingham2008a19133
4-32G Miller for DerbyshireCounty Ground, Derby1984a4117
4-32BL Hutton for MiddlesexEdgbaston, Birmingham2000a12897
4-33FW Swarbrook for DerbyshireRutland Recreation Ground, Ilkeston1978a2107
4-33N Phillip for EssexCounty Ground, Chelmsford1983a3667
4-33SJ O'Shaughnessy for LancashireOld Trafford, Manchester1987a5228
4-33RA Fay for MiddlesexLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1996a9929
4-34RMH Cottam for HampshireCounty Ground, Southampton1971a532
4-34I Folley for LancashireOld Trafford, Manchester1982a3309
4-34GB Stevenson for YorkshireHeadingley, Leeds1985a4419
4-34PW Jarvis for YorkshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1992a7498
4-34G Yates for LancashireEdgbaston, Birmingham1994a8705
4-35G Miller for DerbyshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1981a2998
4-35DS Steele for NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Northampton1984a4031
4-35AG Wharf for GlamorganEdgbaston, Birmingham2004a15921
4-36BJ Griffiths for NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Northampton1977a1952
4-36NV Radford for WorcestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham1994a8761
4-36RD Stemp for NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham2000a12875
4-36GR Breese for DurhamRiverside Ground, Chester-le-Street2006a17420
4-36G Goudie for ScotlandEdgbaston, Birmingham2011a21349
4-37J Denman for SussexCounty Ground, Hove1972a769
4-37N Phillip for EssexValentine's Park, Ilford1984a4067
4-37DA Leatherdale for WorcestershireEdgbaston, Birmingham2002a14473
4-37CT Tremlett for HampshireThe Rose Bowl, Southampton2004a15925
4-37SJ Cook for KentEdgbaston, Birmingham2009a19825
4-38CC Hunte for West IndiansEdgbaston, Birmingham1966a83
4-38RMH Cottam for HampshireDean Park, Bournemouth1968a121
4-38PJ Newport for WorcestershireLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1994a8792
4-38WE Sneath for BedfordshireWardown Park, Luton2003a15087
4-39C White for YorkshireHeadingley, Leeds1999a12130
4-39MR Strong for NorthamptonshireEdgbaston, Birmingham2001a13603
4-39SM Ervine for HampshireEdgbaston, Birmingham2010a20587
4-40SR Lampitt for WorcestershireCounty Ground, New Road, Worcester1992a7554
4-40RDB Croft for GlamorganEdgbaston, Birmingham2002a14421
4-40M Carter for NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham2018a26441
4-42MA Buss for SussexLord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood1968a127
4-42CW Henderson for LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester2008a19079
4-43S Turner for EssexEdgbaston, Birmingham1977a1972
4-43TE Jesty for HampshireCounty Ground, Southampton1978a2159
4-44TE Jesty for HampshireMay's Bounty, Basingstoke1973a1007
4-44AE Warner for DerbyshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1985a4539
4-44JK Lever for EssexEdgbaston, Birmingham1985a4569
4-44DG Cork for DerbyshireQueen's Park, Chesterfield1994a8743
4-44JNB Bovill for HampshireCounty Ground, Southampton1997a10542
4-44LJ Fletcher for NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham2014a23497
4-45BJ Griffiths for NorthamptonshireBaker Perkins Sports Ground, Peterborough1974a1193
4-45AJ Tudor for SurreyThe AMP Oval, Kennington2003a15078
4-48PJ Watts for NorthamptonshireCounty Ground, Northampton1964a33
4-49B Roberts for DerbyshireCounty Ground, Derby1984a4117
4-49KE Cooper for NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1985a4525
4-49CEB Rice for NottinghamshireTrent Bridge, Nottingham1986a4819
4-49PN Weekes for MiddlesexEdgbaston, Birmingham1993a8142
4-49VP Clarke for DerbyshireCounty Ground, Derby1997a10501
4-49SA Brant for EssexEdgbaston, Birmingham2004a15988
4-49R Clarke for SurreyEdgbaston, Birmingham2005a16842
4-52SP Jones for HampshireThe Rose Bowl, Southampton2011a21322
4-54WA McPate for ScotlandEdgbaston, Birmingham1984a4042
4-56RMH Cottam for HampshireEdgbaston, Birmingham1965a57
4-58MV Fleming for KentSt Lawrence Ground, Canterbury1997a10537
4-60ACS Pigott for SussexCounty Ground, Hove1987a5370
4-61KJ Lyons for GlamorganEdgbaston, Birmingham1977a1871
4-61JWA Taylor for LeicestershireGrace Road, Leicester2010a20677
4-65DJ Angove for CornwallWheal Eliza, Bethel, St Austell1996a9911